Test your site’s
speed and privacy:

  Get a quick overview

Learn which high-level requirements aren't getting met. See the status of all clients and projects at a glance. Live by the Unix philosophy, “no news is good news”.

  Take your tests with you

Get your configuration as an open source script with just one click. Run it on any computer because we don't lock you in to our service.

  Use Test-Driven DevOps

First create a failing test for how your system should behave. Then do just enough work to get all the tests passing. Finally, clean up your code using the test suite as a safety net. This is the “red, green, refactor” cycle.

  Monitor high-level features

Test compliance for HTTPS Everywhere, Google PageSpeed, specific redirects, and more. Coming soon: accessibility and SEO optimization.

  Create new kinds of tests

Contribute to Constant QA’s open source core and we’ll work with you to get the testing you need.